Although we did not make it through to the Final this year, please do share in the success of these students and congratulate them if you see them over the next few weeks. They all worked very hard, and each and every one of them flourished in their own way through the process.


Max Hammersley (Prosecution Barrister)

Erin Saito (Prosecution Barrister)

Annie Lawn (Defence Barrister)

Benito Rosato (Defence Barrister)

Clare Smyth (Witness)

David Doran (Witness)

Breey Quigg (Witness)

Eunan O’Hare (Witness)

James Daly (Witness)

Pearse Lynch (Witness)

Niamh Trainor (Witness)

Niamh Magennis (Witness)

Michael Downard (Juror)

Aoife Byrne (Juror)

Caoimhe O’Reilly (Juror)

Hannah Wilson (Juror)

Keelan Doran (Juror)

Hugo Fearon (Court Artist)

Thomas McErlean (Court Clerk)

Alex McDowell ( Court Usher)